Praise for Prospero

I am certain that a great number of young people have benefited immeasurably from the work done by Prospero Theatre. The work I have seen by Beth goes a long way to build confidence and resilience, qualities that are vital for our young people to succeed.

David Gold

I would be surprised if any scheme across the country is as positive and as beneficial as this one and would strongly recommend any potential funding.

John Orrick

Surrey County Councillor

Praise for the Theatre School

I was thrilled to see her perform so confidently. She is now eager to start on the next production.

Mr Pearce-Higginson

We were blown away by the play. It was truly fantastic.

Mrs Wade

Outstanding care of the children. Provides a fantastic opportunity to build confidence. Strongly recommend.

Mrs Hawkins

Praise for Prospero in Schools

The students were kept happy and fully engaged across the range of workshops delivered at the school

Teresa Munro

Manor House School

All the students were inspired by the work. I was most impressed by the writing and the delivery of the sessions

James Waight

Woodcote High School

Brilliant as always

Rachel Dunne

Magna Carta School

The children and staff were thrilled by the workshops. Come back soon!

Jacquie Redfern

Lingfield Notre Dame School

Praise for the Adults Classes – Community Company

Beth’s adult drama group was my platform into professional acting. Beth’s directing was always of the highest standard and the course follows a wide range of theatre styles, techniques and skills.

Susy Payne

I was immediately impressed with Beth’s professionalism, patience, enthusiasm and inclusivity.  Fiver years and several plays later I have learnt a great deal and know that by continuing to work with Beth, I will learn a whole lot more.

John Hooper

It’s truly fantastic to be part of the adult group. I have had opportunities to put on many shows and perform to a very high standard. The group is also very social and friendly.

Lucy Devenport

It is a very high standard and there is ALWAYS a role for everyone in the play and everyone is allowed a say.

Michael Hartigan

Praise for Friday Club – Adults with Disabilities

The benefits of social inclusion, individual development and positive social presences have been outstanding and clearly noticed in each individual who was involved.

Diego Acosta

Personalisation Practitioner, Surrey Team

The commissioned service was delivered by the Team to a very high standard and in the imaginative way we have come to expect.

Claire Richards

Head of Adult Service Provision

I enjoy coming to Friday Club and I enjoy volunteering. All my life people have done things for me. This is my chance to make a difference.

Drew Short

Friday Club participant and volunteer

I love it here! I love it!

Howard England

Friday Club participant and audience member for almost all that we do