Red And The Wolf

The Forest breathes. And it waits.

‘Red and the Wolf’ is a new work, devised by the company and directed by Beth Wood.  It is a dark and haunting retelling of the Red tale that inhabits a No Man’s Land between two realities. A forest in which soldiers are wolves, and the trees are guns. A wasteland where the village children are both dead and alive.

Set against a backdrop of war the piece has echoes of Brecht’s Mother Courage as it landscapes the lengths to which people will go to dominate an enemy or to save a child.


Red: Rebecca Riley

Mother Maleen: Charmaine Bourton

Stepfather Elias : John Hooper (Played by Adam Kavagnah-Walker)

Grandmother Chedi: Rosin Potter

Children of the Conflict 

Petka : Ella Richard  Chalissa : Katie Child

Charming Wolf : Sergio Taddia


General Shulz : Steve Morrison

Franz: Adam Kavagnah-Walker

Petrov: Nigel Simmonds

Triton : Michael Hartigan

Michal : Sergio Taddia


Aravis: Mima Webb

Agave: Ella Richards

Loko: Katie Child

Designers & Crew 

Set and Prop Degin : Jill Wilson (Wigs)

Original Music & Score: David Rowan

Technical Designer : Alistair Lindsay

Stage Manager: Louise Harter




Red and the Wolf was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016.

‘It has been an extraordinary experience’ said Prospero’s Artistic Director Beth Wood. We have had some amazing four and five star reviews, met some fantastically talented people and companies with whom there are opportunities to collaborate in the future, and learned a lot!. Now it is lovely to be able to bring the show back to Surrey where it was devised and rehearsed.’

Red and the Wolf is a dark and dramatic re-telling of the Little Red tale, set against the backdrop of war. At the heart of our play is the forest. The forest is alive; it lives, it breathes and it waits. It both bridges the two realities of the play, its predators are both soldiers and wolves. Our Red is a girl on the verge of being a woman, her childhood devoured as we watch, by the war and by the wolves. We are thrilled that the play seems to have appealed to audiences who love the tales and to those wanting something more serious.

‘Brilliant Physical Theatre. One of the best shows of the Fringe.’ – The Derek Awards

‘The physical commitment of this gripping story was outstanding.’ –

‘The turmoil of war is brought to the fore of the production…fine physical acting.’ TV Bomb

Funds for this production were raised via a successful Kickstarter campaign. You can see how we we did it on the right.

Red is a trademark Prospero Theatre ensemble production; physical, poetic, layered.

Behind the scenes of the Kickstarter shoot.

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‘Red and the Wolf is directed by Beth Wood, designed by Jill Wilson and with original music by David Rowan.

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