Cyberbullying Project


Cyberbullying Project for Schools

Safe not Silent is a one day project developed for schools on cyberbullying, currently flagged up by both the government and Department of Education as one of the most important issues for schools to confront.

The project works directly with one year group (up to 60 pupils) who develop a piece that is presented to a larger audience for the last hour of the day. There is scope for improvisation and creativity around a very solid framework.

Primary, Secondary and Specials

We have developed two versions of the project, one for Primary and one for Secondary age groups.

The structure is 3 mini-stories sandwiched by 4 Framework Sections.

The objectives of each section remains the same for the Primary and Secondary Schemes, while the content changes.

For Special Schools, please talk to us about your students and we can put together a more bespoke piece.

Safe not Silent raises awareness across a number of key areas, in a way that is appropriate for the age group.

  • Emails, texts and mobile phone calls

  • Video games

  • Anonymity and False identities

  • Facebook – important information even if pupils have not yet begun to use the service

The project has 3 key objectives:

  1. To ensure that young people know exactly how to deal with cyberbullying if it happens to them or someone they know.

  1. To ensure that any bullies / potential bullies are spoken to through the piece, as well as the victims.

  1. To ensure that the young people do not leave the project believing that the internet is ‘bad.’ It is important that they see it as an extraordinary place in which they can learn, but one that has, like many physical spaces, dangers that they should be aware of.

The style of the piece is modern and fun.

There is comedy built into most of the sections and our technology designer has created a show that combines slide-shots, video and live-feed to recreate the cyber world and the speed with which it moves.

Prospero is an inclusive company and each section is designed to incorporate young people of all abilities. At the conclusion of the show the pupils are given the opportunity to reflect on the pieces they have seen / taken part in and to ask any questions it has raised. We recommend that the school child protection officers identify themselves or are identified during this Q and A. As pupils leave each is given a leaflet of helpful information with reminders of the messages, a re-iteration of the advice, and the numbers of the relevant organisations.

Directors Beth Wood and Chrissie McNeice

BETH WOOD – Before becoming Director of Prospero Beth was the Artistic Director of The Arc, Theatre Exchange and Thorndike Young People’s Theatre.  She has directed in the West End and in regional theatres.

Beth has always specialised in educational drama. She has designed and delivered programmes for all the above companies and was a drama consultant for Surrey for eight years delivering work with young people and INSET work with teachers across Surrey.  In addition Beth writes the drama activities for Longman’s Shakespeare series and has written plays performed by 16 companies in 5 countries.

CHRISSIE MCNEICE – After attending the London Academy of Performing Arts, Chrissie has worked extensively in theatre and education and is now Director of ABC Educational Drama. She has worked as a youth theatre director, most recently at the Harlequin in Redhill, often specialising in musical theatre. Chrissie has taught drama in schools, both primary and secondary, has run the Arc’s Theatre School with Beth and she has directed professional and community productions with casts of all ages across the country and throughout Europe.


Get-in 45 mins

Morning Session 1 – 1 ½ hours – 30 pupils

Morning Session 2 – 1 ½ hours – 30 pupils

(Each morning session can be 1 hr 15 mins if the schedule is difficult for your school)

Afternoon Session 3 – 50 mins – all 60 pupils from both groups

Afternoon Session 4 – Show and discussion 50 mins


Performance space (eg hall, studio or gym) for the day so that the technical equipment can be rigged. (All lighting is LED cold so completely child-friendly.)

In addition we will need a second space for the duration of sessions 1 and 2 so that the 2 classes can work in separate spaces, each with their director. This can be, for example, a large classroom with the tables moved out or to the side of the room.

We would be grateful if the classes participating could wear blacks on the day so that we can do some simple overdressing.


1 day programme – £475

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